Category: Style Breakdown

Exploring real-world styles through the lens of Generative A.I.

three ai generated usonian homes
Reimagining Usonian: Frank Lloyd Wright's Organic Architecture for Today’s Housing Needs
Usonian architecture offers a compelling vision for a future where homes are affordable, beautiful, and...
A stylized photo of an alien googie style building with a tower inspired by vertebrae
Googie Land – An Architecture Tour Through Area 51
Googie Architecture: It’s an irreverent exuberant style of bold shapes, retro aesthetics, and craziness....
Art deco home with strong vertical emphasis, ai generated architecture 3-4 aspect ratio
AI Workflows for Art Deco Revival: An Architecture Design Guide
Speed. Verticality. Opulence. Glamor. No this isn’t the roaring 1920s, it’s the roaring 2020s and the...
Victor Horta inspired mid-rise mixed-use building, ai generated art nouveau architecture
AI Architecture: The Case for an Art Nouveau Revival
Will Art Nouveau have a revival in the 2020s thanks to the power of A.I. assisted design? What could...


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