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Exploring the Intersection of Architecture, Urbanism, and Artificial Intelligence


Welcome! This is Pixels to Plans, a place where we explore the intersection of architecture, urbanism, and artificial intelligence. I aim to help introduce designers to AI workflows for architecture, push the boundaries of what generative design can accomplish, and analyze design styles with the help of AI image generators. From unraveling the history and design elements of iconic styles to developing practical workflows that take your projects to the next level, I hope to make this a community for sharing ideas and a guide to the inspirational world where generative AI is giving architects the power to  kickoff and shape what is sure to be a renaissance of design creativity. Let’s explore.


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Post 9 The Best AI Tool for Architecture Rendering Cover Photo
The Best Free AI Rendering Tool for Architecture
In this unsponsored review, learn about Alpaca AI Rendering, a new AI image editor tool that offers groundbreaking...
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three ai generated usonian homes
Reimagining Usonian: Frank Lloyd Wright's Organic Architecture for Today’s Housing Needs
Usonian architecture offers a compelling vision for a future where homes are affordable, beautiful, and...
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A stylized photo of an alien googie style building with a tower inspired by vertebrae
Googie Land – An Architecture Tour Through Area 51
Googie Architecture: It’s an irreverent exuberant style of bold shapes, retro aesthetics, and craziness....
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Seasonal color analysis of 4 interior design photos and 4 architecture photos representing the 4 seasons - generative AI design made in Midjourney
Seasonal Color Analysis for Architecture and Interior Design
How to use Midjourney AI to combine your personal style with architecture and interior design using seasonal...
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cover photo for a midjourney prompt engineering study showing a collage grid of 6 modern art nouveau inspired houses
Prompt Engineering for Better Midjourney Results
Learn how prompt engineering works in Midjourney and other AI image platforms and explore how to fine...
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Comparison matrix for the best AI image generators using 5 prompt benchmarks. The table compares 2 styles of Midjourney, Playground AI, PromeAI, and Look.X. Read more on the link to Canva below
The Best AI Image Generators for Architecture
Confused about which AI platforms you should learn and integrate AI into your workflow? This article...
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Art deco home with strong vertical emphasis, ai generated architecture 3-4 aspect ratio
AI Workflows for Art Deco Revival: An Architecture Design Guide
Speed. Verticality. Opulence. Glamor. No this isn’t the roaring 1920s, it’s the roaring 2020s and the...
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Victor Horta inspired mid-rise mixed-use building, ai generated art nouveau architecture
AI Architecture: The Case for an Art Nouveau Revival
Will Art Nouveau have a revival in the 2020s thanks to the power of A.I. assisted design? What could...
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Posts on Pixels to Plans will explore a variety of topics such as:

Victor Horta inspired mid-rise mixed-use building, ai generated art nouveau architecture

Style Breakdowns

Exploring real-world styles through the lens of Generative A.I.

AI generated futuristic art nouveau solarpunk fantasy citadel cityscape

Fiction and Fantasy

Imagining new and fantastical architecture concepts for fiction and worldbuilding.

Art Nouveau Residential Mixed Use Tower with Semi-Outdoor Space, Brass, Wood, Glass, and Teal Filigree


Tips, tricks, and step-by-step guides on how to leverage A.I. in design.

AI generated render of a parking garage converted to housing, soaring floor-to-floor height

Practical Design

Illustrating and analyzing A.I. inspired solutions for practical design challenges.

Complete streets illustration of a walkable planned city in the US mountain states


An illustrated big picture look at at urbanism issues and technologically-inspired solutions.

AI generated BART Station Concept


Hot takes on transit to solve the world's mobility woes.



Designer and engineer exploring the intersection of AI, architecture, and urbanism.

AI Generated Art Nouveau Acanthus leaves Avatar - AI Architecture Blog


Have an idea for a design concept you want me to explore or an AI tool you want me to write about? Email me at acanthus@pixelstoplans.com with questions and suggestions or message me using the link below.